CS:GO Funny Skin Names

CSGO Funny Name Tags

So you got this awesome new StatTrak M9 Bayonet Crimson Web (Factory New) knife (which is one of the rarest and most expensive knife in CS:GO btw.). Your creativity is absolute zero when trying to find a super cool name for it. Don’t worry, we have done the research and compiled a list of the best and most funny names/nametags for your skin, weapon, knife or bomb (C4) in CS GO.

Warning! You may not find all funny… In the end we all got a different taste in humor and some of these are pretty unoriginal, but see this list as an inspiration then. ;)

Funny AUG Chameleon skin name tag

AUG | Chameleon – “,,,, Chameleon” Name Tag.


Also, please feel free to add your own ideas for nametags in the comments below!

Please note, many of the suggestions contains skin specifik nametags. Theese are only funny if applied to the right skin, of course… ;)

Knife name tags

Generel knives

  • #cut4beiber
  • I pay for pixels
  • The circumciser
  • odd looking dildo
  • stfu, I’m clutching
  • I scammed this too LOL xD

M9 bayonet

  • u wot m9
  • Bayonnaise

Shadow Daggers

  • Battle-scared Crimson Web (skin): Used Buttplugs

Gut Knife

  • Can opener
  • i gut this guys

AWP Thunderstruck funny name tag

Weapon name tags


  • BOOM (skin):
    • Peek-A-BOOM
    • The Annoying Orange
  • Lightning (skin): Thunderstruck
  • Drangon Lore (skin):
    • i bought this drunk
    • One year of salary
  • Redline (skin): AWP | Rektline
  • Redline (skin): RedTube
  • Asiimov (skin): Dat Ass-iimov
  • give it back
  • drop it like it’s AWP
  • Magic stick
  • Awptimus Prime
  • LongDistRelationship
  • The JFK experience
  • I AWPologize
  • AWP | Vaseline
  • Wallbanger

CSGO AWP - Funny skin name tag


  • Black Laminate (skin): African American AK
  • Redline (skin): Swagline
  • Filled with Doge stickers: Doge-47
  • Case Hardened (skin): AK Cock Hardened
  • Wasteland Rebel (skin): Signed by ISIS
  • Free Haircuts
  • Trigger is real

M4A4 / M4A1-S

  • Cyrex (skin):
    • Miley Cyrex
    • M4 cry.exe
  • Asiimov (skin):
    • A.W.E.S.O.M-O 4000
    • eat my ass-iimov
  • Icarus Fell (skin): and he can’t get up
  • u wot m4
  • Population Control
  • 94 in 1


  • Chameleon (skin): ,,,,, Chameleon
  • Akihabara Accept (skin): The Weeaboo Cannon
  • 5/2/14 Never Forget


  • Trigon (skin): Illuminati confirmed
  • Leather (skin): Foreskin
  • Autism Blaster

Funny P90 skin name tag


  • Sandstorm (skin):
    • Darude
    • Darude – Sandstorm
  • Couldn’t Afford AK

Desert Eagle

  • Mudder (skin): The Mudder Fucker
  • Pilot (skin): Air Force Juan
  • Conspiracy (skin):
    • 9/11
    • i rate it 9/11
  • She wants the D
  • Juan



  • Negever gonna give you up
  • Don’t be Negetiv
  • Schwarzeneggev


  • Silver skin: My Rank


  • 2 broke 4 negev


  • Road Rash (skin): Paul Walker…


  • Special Delivery (skin): You’ve got mail


  • Franklin (skin): Money shot


  • 34 in 11


  • mac-10/10

Other / Misc skins

  • Fade skins (Karambit fade, Glock fade etc.):
    • Taste the rainbow
    • Support Gay Rights
  • Case hardened skins: Blue Waffle
  • Crimson Web skins: Spoderman
  • Press F10 to rename
  • waste of a nametag

C4 bomb nametags

  • It’s just a clock!!!
  • Remember: 7355608
  • calculator
  • Press ‘E’ to Self-Destruct
  • Don’t Be a Loser, Buy a Defuser!
  • Waldo
  • The Mysterious Ticking Noise
  • Save Dude!
  • Plant me!!!
  • AFK
  • Last is AFK
  • Press F10 to Defuse
  • La Bomba
  • Tsar Bomba
  • Lord GabeN
  • No Ninja Pls
  • James Bomb
  • C4KE
  • C4 | BOOM
  • AIDS (because nobody want’s it)
  • iPhone 6
  • Ghetto Blaster
  • Made in China
  • ISIS Funpack
  • Allahu Akbar
  • 72 virgins
  • 2 kilo pure democracy
  • It’s not a bomb
  • It’s just a prank bro!

Funny C4 bomb name tag

Do you have any funny ideas to add to our list? Then please leave a comment below!