How To Upgrade Operation Breakout Coin to Gold

Gold Operation Breakout Coin

CS:GO Operation Breakout has been out for a short time now, and people who bought the coin wonder how to upgrade their coin. In this quick little guide, we will take you through the easy steps of upgrading your operation breakout coin.

First to get the coin, you will need to buy it (actually you buy the all access pass). Buying the access pass/coin grants you access to a journal and you will be able to play the new maps on Valves servers. Also as a new thing, you will be able to get missions, more on this later on. The coin is only available for a limited time. You can but it from within CS:GO or here.

What is Operation Breakout missions?

Missions are dropped like skins at the end of each match. There are many different missions and if you complete them, you will be rewarded with a skin at the end of the match. Examples of missions:

  • Kill an enemy with a knife in a casual match
  • Win a competitive match on de_inferno
  • Get 35 Glock-18 kills in Deathmatch matches.


  • Mission drops does not count towards the weekly drop total.
  • Bot kills does not count.
  • You will need to play the entire match to end, to receive the mission reward!

Also missions have different grades, e.g. base grade missions.

Operation Breakout Missions

How to upgrade the Operation Breakout coin

How to upgrade to silver coin

To get the silver coin, you will need to complete 5 missions.

How to upgrade to gold coin

To get the gold coin, you will need to complete 15 missions.

As you can see, the Operation Breakout coin doesn’t require you to play x amount of time of Operation Breakout maps or win any competitive maps.

How to get Operation Breakout missions?

As mentioned before, you will randomly get missions at the end of each match. You will need to play on servers with drops enabled and you will of course need the all access pass for Operation Breakout. When you buy the pass, you will automatically get one mission to begin with.

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