CS:GO Update 1/8/2015

Counter-Strike Global Offensive has been updated with a new patch. Full patch notes below, most interesting for most though, might be the skins update. Knives has gotten a lot of new patterns, which is only obtainable in the new Chroma cases.

Chroma Case Knives in CS:GO

If you want to see the knives in-game, check out the video in the bottom of this article.

The Chroma case of cause also contains new weapon skins for other guns. Besides this, the CZ has get a reverted nerf and the P250 has been nerfed a little.

Full patch notes:


  • Keys purchased from the Steam Community Market are given a seven-day trade and market restriction.


  • Reduced P250 ammo from 5 magazines to 3.
  • Reverted CZ nerf to ammo and fire rate.


  • Added the Chroma Case, that features new finishes for knives.
  • Added UI for showing multiple offers.



  • Fixed a bug where players could clip through a wall near CT spawn
  • Removed center scaffolding near hole to CT sniper position


  • Extended buyzone for T spawn
  • Further optimizations


  • Fixed bullet penetration through arch models in tunnels
  • Fixed collision for door top of mid
  • Added Goose to Goose


  • Updated radar
  • Fixed fade distance on props
  • Updated player clips in areas where bomb could be lost

Source: http://blog.counter-strike.net/index.php/2015/01/11119/

Knives in-game: