How To Rank Up in CS:GO


Found yourself stuck in the same rank and can’t seem to get out of it?

Here is some quick tips on what people in general needs to improve to get out of X rank.

This is not an exact answer for all your problems, but it might be a good place to start.

What to improve?

Silvers and Gold Novas: Try to improve your hand-eye coordination and general aim. This can be done by playing a lot of deathmatch for example. Remember to buy armor, it is crucial, especially on this level where a lot of people doesn’t make headshots. If you are low on money and not on Eco, but body armor and then you can decide which gun you can afford. Armor > gun.

Master Guardians (AK’s): Your aim is probably okay at this point. Important thing is map design, get to know the maps you play. The flow, timings, layout. Study strategies for Terrorist play, as this is often the weaker side for most where you have to play offensive.

Distinguished Master Guardian (DMG): Most people in this rank, could really improve by getting positioning right. Know the angles and get positioning right. Also have confidence in Eco rounds and learn the economy in CS:GO.

Eagles: Trust your teammates, you are not in Silver anymore. What really tends to be a problem on this level is inconsistency, sometimes you play like a god, other times you think that your place should be in the Silvers. NaToSaphiX made a good video about consistency in CS:GO.


Once you hit DMG and above, teamplay really becomes a big factor in winning. In the lower ranks, it is not as important and it is easier to get carried. Lower ranks is where you benefit the most for self improvement (below DMG). I think this might also be why people used to refer to a “DMG hell“. People feel like they are stuck forever in this rank. Because no matter what they try to improve, it doesn’t get them in higher ranks. It could be because teamplay gets more important at this level.

How you alone can improve teamplay

First, sometimes you can’t. People can be d**kheads and there is nothing to do about it. Second get a mic and use it.

What you can do to improve the overall teamplay, is promote good behavior and encourage your teammates. Tell them they did a good job when they did, and nice try if they failed. Everybody fails sometimes anyway. NEVER and i mean never begin to argue with teammates, don’t be a troll and don’t feed trolls. Try not to get emotional, it is only a game after all. When people begin to rage or get emotional, tell them to calm down without being angry yourself. If they continue being toxic, for gods sake, just ignore them.. Remember you can always mute them. Don’t be toxic yourself, this will almost certainly not improve the overall performance of your team. Also ignore taunts from the opposite team. If you think one from the other team is cheating, silently report them and play on. Overwatch will take care of them. Often times the other team is not cheating, and calling them hackers will only boost their confidence.


To end this post, I will just repeat what i stated in the beginning: this is not the ultimate answer to your rank problems. If these tips doesn’t help you I have one final tip for you. Every player has something they can improve, find out what you can improve. It could be your aim, map knowledge, teamplay, etc. For example if you are playing Mirage and don’t know any smokes, learn the most important ones as they can really help you on T side.