How To Set Up a Dedicated Server in CS 1.6 With HLDSupdatetool

How do I setup my standalone dedicated server? This guide shows you step by step.

HLDSupdatetool -> Download here

HLDS Update Tool Guide

Step 1
Open HLDSupdatetool.exe and follow the installation, this will install the update tool at C:\Program Files\Valve\HLServer

Step 2
Click the Start menu, then type cmd, open cmd.exe. In the command line type “cd C:\Program Files\Valve\HLServer

Step 3
Now where are in the correct folder in the command prombt, now type in:
hldsupdatetool.exe -command update -game cstrike -dir .
This will download all the files needed to run a CS server. Please note that this can take some time.

Dedicated Server CMD command


Step 4
Okay so we are actually done, run the hlds.exe to start your server.

CS 1.6 Dedicated Server

You may need to Port Forward your router to make other people see your server. To port forward, find out which router you have (look on the router) and search Google for “[YOUR ROUTER NAME] port forwarding guide“. The port you need to forward in order to make your CS Server work is port 27015.

You may also have to disable your anti-virus or add a rule so it allows incomming connections.

Your IP
If you want to play with your friends on your server, the easiest way is to give them your IP adress.
Your IP can be found here:

They just go to favorites in CS and click on “Add server”.
The IP should be typed like this: IP:PORT

27015 is the most commenly used port for CS.

AMX mod X (admin mod)
You may want to install AMX mod in order to give yourself a little more control of the server.
AMX Mod X can be found here: AMX Mod X Download

Direct link to AMX Mod X Full Installer: AMX Mod X Installer 1.8.1

When installed, there is a lot of commands, you can find them here: AMX Mod X Command list