How To Make Your Own CS Movie Guide

This guide shows you how to record a video in Counter-Strike, CS Source or any other game using Fraps.

Before we start, you will need the following programs:

1. Fraps – Download Fraps
2. A video editing program – Most people alreade have Windows Movie Maker installed.

Thats it, now watch this video as it shows you step by step how to do.

Steps shown in video:

  • Download and install Fraps –
  • Start Fraps
  • Join a server and press F9 to start recording.
  • Note: Fraps requires some of your CPU power, this can make games with high system requirements lagging.
  • Press F9 again to stop the recording, your video is now saved in the Movies folderĀ (inside the Fraps install folder).
  • Open Windows Movie Maker (or any other video editing program).
  • Drag your video file to Movie Maker and then drag the clip to the timeline.
  • You can now edit the clip, adding titles, music etc.
  • When you’re done click on Publish movie and choose where to save.
  • The video will now render and your done and ready to upload it for YouTube.

Enjoy ;)